sea salt grains

sea salt

Sea salt grains

What is sea salt?

High in magnesium and formed by the evaporation of seawater, sea salt has been known for years for its mineral-rich and balancing properties. Its multitude of benefits have brought sea salt hair products, like sea salt shampoo, to the forefront. Ever noticed how fresh and bouncy hair and skin feels (and looks!) when you’ve spent time by the sea? Invigorating freshness awaits with our easy breezy detox collection that’s lovingly infused with sea salt. Experience for yourself the many sea salt benefits for hair with our deep detox sea salt shampoo and conditioner.

sea salt in hands

Benefits of sea salt for hair and skin

There are plenty of sea salt benefits for hair and skin that make this mineral-rich ingredient a must-have in your shower. Sea salt has natural cleansing and antiseptic properties, plus it can also help skin retain moisture. Sea salt-enriched water has been used to help manage effects of skin issues like eczema and psoriasis. We use ours for its gentle cleansing powers in our new Clean Oceans Edition shampoo. Here are some other great benefits:

• Keeps you hydrated
• Reduces fluid retention
• Phenomenal source of minerals
• Prevents muscle cramps
• Great for skin health

sea salt grains

When and how to use sea salt

You should use salt sprays on damp hair to ensure the product spreads evenly. You only need to spray a small quantity to freshly washed, towel-dried hair.  After applying, comb through for even distribution or use your hands to disperse the spray through. You can also spray the product into the palms of your hands and then finger comb or scrunch towel-dried hair to create waves and body. To get a voluminous blowout, apply the spray to damp hair and comb through to untangle while using a blow dryer to dry hair in a downward motion. However, the best results are achieved when you let your hair dry naturally.  When using salt hairspray on dry hair, spritz the product and work it through your hair to get a wind-swept look like after a trip to the beach. For the best results, spray the product from the middle of your hair shaft to the end.