citrus yuzu


close up of yuzu fruit

What is Yuzu?

What is Yuzu and what is Yuzu good for? While Yuzu is technically classified as a citrus fruit, its tangy smell is uniquely potent and it has a particular bumpy and uneven exterior skin. Yuzu typically grows in Tibet and areas of China and Japan, and it has been revered and used for both its culinary and beauty purposes. While Yuzu-infused products have been used for centuries in these regions, Yuzu skincare products have only recently gained traction elsewhere around the world. 

yuzu tree

Yuzu Skin Benefits

We love this invigorating ingredient not just for its flavor, fragrance and unique aesthetic, we adore Yuzu-infused products due to the plethora of Yuzu skin benefits. Yuzu skin benefits include but are surely not limited to: various anti-microbial properties, a rich antioxidant composition, a natural protection against UV rays, and even a protection against wrinkles. What's not to love about Yuzu-infused products for skin?

pile of yuzu fruit

Yuzu Nutrients

We choose to offer Yuzu-infused products because of the many Yuzu nutrients that make up its rich composition. Yuzu is packed with vitamin C, vitamin E, magnesium, and antioxidants, making it the perfect ingredient to include in our invigorating Yuzu collection.