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How to recycle shampoo bottles

How to recycle shampoo bottles

Are You Recycling Empty Shampoo Bottles The Right Way?

Want to do a little more for the planet? Ensuring you’re recycling like a pro is a good step. Here’s how…

In the United States alone, 550 million empty shampoo bottles are thrown away every single year. But how many times have you found yourself holding an empty shampoo or shower gel bottle, wondering how to actually recycle it? The good news is, when buying from Love Beauty and Planet, it couldn’t be easier to be green. Because as well as using recycled plastic to create most of our gorgeous, planet-friendly packaging, almost all our packaging is also recyclable once you’re finished, too. Our end goal? To completely eliminate waste from our lifecycle. But here’s how to do your part, too…

Being label savvy

While you can rest assured that almost all our packaging is now fully recyclable, it’s still worth getting in the habit of reading labels to check. Still, labels and recycling can be confusing, right? That’s why we’re focused on making it easier to understand through a series of How2Recycle logos, clearly printed on our packaging. They’ve been carefully developed with How2Recycle, a standardized labeling system working to reduce confusion around what can – and can’t – be recycled. We think our labels are pretty straightforward, but if anything doesn’t make sense or you want more information, you can visit for a breakdown of what’s what.

Rinse, peel and squash

Peeling any labels off bottles is important before you throw it in the recycling bin and, luckily, Love Beauty and Planet’s labels are made using a clever adhesive that sticks when you want it to (like when you need to read instructions on your shampoo bottle) but also separates cleanly from packaging during the recycling process, with no annoying residue left. It’s good news because super simple tweaks like this mean the whole bottle can then be easily recycled and used again (and again). All you need to do is peel off the labels, rinse out any unused product and squash the bottle to free up precious space in the recycling bin.

Keep (some) caps on

Often the trickiest part of recycling is figuring out what part goes where, which usually results in confusion around bottle tops. Our ultimate aim is for absolutely everything from Love Beauty and Planet to be recyclable – and we’re working hard at achieving that. For now though, our full-size shower product bottles are all recyclable, as well as the bottles and jars for all lotions and deodorants. And yes some of our caps, too! All you need to do is leave them on the bottle when recycling – that way, they’ll get taken to the right place. Our top tip? A recycling bin in the bathroom as well as the kitchen really helps form the recycling habit. And don’t rule out upcycling, either. Could your shampoo bottle have a new, useful life elsewhere in your home?

Thanks for joining us in going green – we promise you’ll be glad you did.

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