recyclable and recycled packaging

our packaging story

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we <3 recycled packaging

We're all about PCR, AKA: Post-Consumer Recycled (catchy, we know). PCR sounds confusing, but really it just refers to bottles made from recycled materials. The proof is in the packaging - it's the reason our transparent bottles aren't 100% see-through. Each piece of PCR packaging is totally unique. We pride ourselves on being completely honest, and while most of our bottles are PCR, a handful of our plastics aren't - our caps being one of them. We're committed to change this by 2021.

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giving back to the planet

As well as using recycled plastic to create our beautiful packaging, almost all of our packs are recyclable. It's a win-win situation - gorgeous smelling products for you and less packaging waste to harm our planet. Our dedication to waste reduction is all part of our pledge to do #smallactsoflove for the planet across everything we do. When you're spreading a little love by recycling our packs, always check the label first.

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terracycle partnership

Love Beauty and Planet has teamed up with recycling innovators TerraCycle. Together, we're rethinking packaging to help solve the problem of disposability. Our goal? Eliminating waste form our product lifecycle. In our pilot program with Loop, an online retailer that delivers refillable products to your door. We've repackaged our products in durable and recyclable bottles with zero-waste labels. This fresh new approach to packaging design is all part of our commitment to do #smallactsoflove for a more beautiful planet.

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our pledge to the ocean

We just adore our oceans. That's why we're on a mission to make our beaches a little greener and clean of ocean-bound plastic - that's the waste along coastlines and waterways that will likely end up in the oceans. To support World Oceans Day, Love Beauty and Planet is donating $250,000 to The Surfrider Foundation, an amazing organization that's committed to protecting our beautiful oceans.