Essential Personal Care Products

a community update

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how we're helping

We’re working hard to make sure our products are available. we know personal care is essential, so we’re safely working behind the scenes to make sure we’re getting products to our retailers. We also know how important it is to care for our planet and the people on it, so we donated $25,000 and 2,500 care packages with personal and home care products to Feeding America to help those in need. We’re proud to stand united with other Unilever brands and partners to protect the livelihoods and well-being for Americans in need.

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what you can do, too

One of the best ways you can show #smallactsoflove is to frequently wash hands with soap & water for at least 20 seconds! It might sound small, but it’s a big way you can help make an impact. You can also try fun ways to show the planet a little love! Now is the perfect time to try planet-friendly activities like making your own reusable bags or upcycling around the home. Check out our Instagram page for more ideas!

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spending more time at home

While spending a little more time at home, our team is taking a moment to pause and spend time apart. Each day, we show #smallactsoflove – little choices that add up to make a big difference. From being more conscious about the ingredients we’re buying, to growing our own herbs and choosing reusable water bottles & containers, we’re taking this time to help make our planet a little more beautiful.

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being mindful while at home

If you’re also finding yourself at home more, you might have noticed that you’re spending a little more time shopping for groceries and cooking. Not only does that mean healthy meals for you, but it’s a chance to give a little love to the planet, too! When you go shopping, remember your reusable tote (check with your grocer first) and look for items packed with recycled materials (like our bottles!) or materials that can be easily recycled. If you can, avoid fruits and vegetables that are pre-cut or frozen and opt for fresh versions instead to help save packaging. You can also check with your store about specialized recycling for certain containers and plastic bags!