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Black and white backstage close up of the back of a model's head, with her long dark hair in a loose braid, with someone straightening a section of her hair with irons

small acts of love

get to know our six goals for a better future

We are on a long journey to make you and the planet more beautiful. And that starts with small but strong steps. Here’s what’s on our to-do list for the next 2 years.

we’re at the beginning of an amazing journey and at the heart of a beautiful movement.

- Michelle Barthole, Queen of Awesome

That's why we started with one simple idea: whatever we do must be good for beauty and good for the planet. If it's not, it's out.

we’re at the beginning of an amazing journey and at the heart of a beautiful movement.

- Michelle Barthole, Queen of Awesome

It's not an easy task, and we know we won't always get it right the first time. There will be mistakes. There will be failures. But, for us, purity of intent is bigger than perfection.

caring for your own beauty should no longer affect the beauty of the planet.

- Sonika Malhotra, Queen of Awesome

As we work toward making the planet and you even more beautiful, we promise to stay honest at every step, and we really want you to keep us honest, too.

five labors of love

Powerful & Passionate

All of our bottles are filled with fabulous formulas made with the finest naturally-derived ingredients that supply brilliant, powerful care to your hair and body. Plus, we only use 100% recycled materials to make our bottles (our cap, that’s next), so there’s no waste when you’re done.

Fast & Fabulous

We believe in using beauty to give back to the earth. That’s why we use fast-rinse technology in our rich conditioners, so you get superior conditioning while saving up to 20% water every shower.

Goodies & Goodness

All of our gorgeous products are naturally derived. That’s because we use lots of organic goodness & always source from sustainable growers across the world in place like, France, Morocco, and Australia. Plus, we promote fair wage jobs and ethical sourcing for all of our essential oils.

Scents & Sensibility

Our pampering perfumes are made from the finest, pure essential oils we ethically source around the world. To help our ethical sourcing, we’re committed to supporting local farms & the people who carefully handpick the flowers and herbs for these scents.

Carbon Neutral & Caring

We want a carbon footprint so small, it's like we weren’t even here. But any business is going to make some sort of footprint. So, until we find a way to leave no footprint, we’ll quantify our CO2 emissions along every step of production and tax ourselves for going over our goals. That money will go to revolutionize how we all recycle.

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