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Want the low-down on everything from planet-kind and cruelty-free beauty practices, to beauty advice for your skin, body and hair? You’ve come to the right place! Here, you’ll discover tips, tricks, news and views to help navigate your way through the world of beauty, haircare and everything else close to our heart. Consider each a small act of love from us to you… Enjoy!

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    shrink your carbon footprint

    Whether your first thought is ‘carbon what?’ or you’re keen as a runner bean to be more planet-friendly, we’ve got the answers you need. Step this way to find out how you can look after the planet and look fabulous doing it!

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    benefits of sulfate free shampoo

    Sulfate shampoo, in or out? It’s the talk of the tresses but why the fuss, and how could losing the sulfate from your shampoo be the secret to keeping your hair’s natural shine, and giving it added oomph?

  • Tea tree oil benefits for your hair
    tea tree oil benefits for your hair

    If you’re into beauty, you’ll be familiar with tea tree oil and all its magical powers. But have you ever tried it in your hair? Find out how and why it will leave your strands looking sublime.

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    how to use sea salt spray

    Love that fresh-from-the-beach surf-chic look? Well we’ve got the answer. Find out how a splash of sea spray will give your locks the tousled treatment and leave you making waves with a laidback new style.

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    sustainable beauty 101

    Keen to show the planet some love but don’t know where to start? Discover the easy sustainable beauty tips and switches your inner planet-lover has been waiting for. They’ll leave you looking your best and feeling even better.

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    how to use coconut oil for hair

    Is coconut oil good for your hair? Find out how your hair can benefit from the moisturizing, detangling, and protective properties found in coconut oil!

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    what are parabens?

    Parabens have got the world of beauty in a spin. Our products are all paraben-free, but discover what parabens are, the truth behind all the drama, and why we choose to turn our attention to finding the very best alternatives.

  • LBP_article hub_US_landing page image_8
    post workout hair tips

    Post gym-sesh hair looking a little flat? We’ve been there! From up-dos to braided buns, we’ve got the style tips, tricks and product advice (hello, dry shampoo!) to boost and revive post-workout hair.

  • LBP_article hub_US_landing page image_6
    how to use hair oil

    You’ve got to love hair oil and it’s many uses. But it can be tough to get right. From treatment to taming, what are the best tricks to using hair oil and leaving your locks looking perfectly sleek and moisturized?

  • LBP_article hub_US_landing page image_5
    how to use dry shampoo

    When dry shampoo came into the world, those of us who cherish a lie-in gave a little cheer (into our pillows). Yet its true power is often overlooked. From quick fixes to wow dos, here’s why you should rethink dry shampoo.


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