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benefits of vegan deodorant

4 Benefits of Vegan Deodorant You Didn’t Know About

As witnessed by the recent surge of vegan products available, from beauty brands to clothing labels, people have rightfully caught on to the benefits of using vegan products. The same holds true for deodorant. In addition to deodorant without aluminum growing as a popular and healthy alternative to antiperspirants, there’s also been a rising wave of vegan deodorant, particularly vegan aluminum free deodorant for women.

So, why go vegan with your deodorant? Going vegan and making the switch to vegan deodorant ultimately benefits both your skin and the environment. Vegan deodorant has become a great option for blocking underarm odor while simultaneously protecting your skin in a natural and healthy way. At Love Beauty Planet, we believe vegan is essential, so we made all our aluminum free deodorant for women vegan as well. While there are many great products and ways to keep your underarms smelling and feeling fresh, here are some of the reasons we choose to go vegan.    

4 benefits of vegan deodorant that work

1. safe and healthy for sensitive skin

If you have sensitive skin, the switch to vegan deodorant is a great option. Vegan deodorant lacks the harsh and toxic chemicals typical to aluminum antiperspirants, and they also tend to have formulas infused with natural or organic ingredients that work to soothe your underarm skin. This contrasts the often harsh formulas of antiperspirants that work to halt the body’s natural sweating process instead of focusing on hydrating skin and killing bacteria. For example, Love Beauty and Planet’s range of vegan, plant-based deodorants contain coconut oil, which is known for moisturizing and antibacterial properties working to rid odor-causing bacteria from your underarms.

Benefits of Vegan Deodorant: Image of Bunny

2. no more yellow stains

Say bye-bye to pesky yellow stains! Yellow marks on shirts stem from the interaction between sweat proteins on your underarms with the aluminum from your deodorant or antiperspirant. Since many vegan deodorants, like our plant-based Argan Oil and Lavender Deodorant, don’t contain aluminum, you won’t have to worry about this kind of interaction. In other words, deodorant without aluminum means no more yellow stains!

3. blocks odor more than antiperspirants

Antiperspirants and deodorant with aluminum are great for blocking sweat, but they are not aimed at getting rid of odor. On the other hand, vegan deodorant and deodorant without aluminum work against underarm odor, leaving your underarms fresh and clean. For vegan deodorant that works, ensure you are using products without harsh chemicals that disbalances hormones and blocks the body’s natural perspiration system.

Benefits of Vegan Deodorant: Image Featuring Woman in Clouds

4. safe for the environment

Love Beauty and Planet coconut oil deodorants use a sustainably sourced extract, keeping the environment top of mind. Non-vegan deodorants often include chemicals that aren’t natural, and often leave a negative environmental footprint. Consider using vegan deodorants for products that are good for you and for the environment!

Still asking why go vegan? Vegan deodorant is packed with goodness: good for your skin, good for the environment, and good at getting rid of underarm odor due to sweat. For vegan deodorant that works, just be sure you are using products that contain plant-based ingredients known for their smoothing and moisturizing benefits. Check out Love Beauty and Planet’s coconut oil, aluminum free deodorant for women. 

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