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Images of Colored Hair and Love Beauty and Planet Blooming Color Shampoo

how to care for colored hair

How to Care for Colored Hair

How to Wash Colored Hair

Whether you have blonde, black, or even red colored hair, color treated hair has always been a hot topic in the hair and beauty industry. Nothing is worse than seeing all the money you just spent for your color washed down the drain. Below are some tips from the experts over at Love Beauty and Planet on how to best take care of colored hair and ensure that your hair color stays vibrant for as long as possible.

How to Take Care of Colored Hair

1. After a Color—Wait Three-Four Days Before Showering

When you color your hair the outer layer is opened making it easy for the color to penetrate the hair and get it the rich and vibrant color you were desiring. However, when you wash too soon after a hair color the hair cuticles could still be open and lead to you washing your color down the drain. The experts at Love Beauty and Planet recommend waiting a full three-four days before showering.

2. Sulfate-Free Murumuru Butter Shampoo and Conditioner for Color Treated Hair

Sulfates are a type of chemical that are found in many personal care products ranging everything from body washes to shampoos. This ingredient creates a foam and strips your beautiful color treated hair of its vibrant color as well as many of its natural oils and emollients. Love Beauty and Planet has a ton of Sulfate-Free Shampoos, but we recommend the Murumuru Butter and Rose Shampoo and Murumuru Butter and Rose Conditioner for Colored Hair. This collection is specially formulated for colored hair.

3. Wash Your Hair Less

Typically whether you color your hair or not you don’t want to wash your hair everyday. But, this motto rings even more so true when you have colored hair. When you wash your hair you naturally strip the hair of natural oils that are meant to moisturize and keep your color fresh and vibrant. And, when you wash every day you also slowly take away a little bit of the hair dye with each wash.

4. Keep the Water Temperature Down and Air Dry After Shower

While you may love that hot shower it may actually be wrecking havoc on your hair color. When the water is hot your hair pores open and allow the color to wash out with shampooing and conditioning. In order to stop this hair damage we recommend using slightly warm water and then rinsing with color water. The warm water allows the best cleanse and the cold water will seal in moisture to prevent hair color fading.

5. Wear a Hat for the first few days after a color treatment

To protect your hair from the sun, throw on a trendy hat and keep your color from fading.

6. Extend Your Style with Dry-Shampoo

Use the Love Beauty and Planet Coconut Water & Mimosa Flower Dry Shampoo which will allow one to go a few extra days without showering.

7. Avoid Chlorine Filled Pools

Opt for the beach and the ocean over a chlorine pool if you can, because the chemicals can change your hair's color. And, if you absolutely must jump into a pool make sure to cover your colored hair so you wan't strip it of its color.

8. Use UV Protectant Spray

When you do go out in the sun, use a UV protectant spray. It's like SPF for your hair and it'll protect your tresses from any discoloration.

9. Stay Away from Extra Chemicals

If you are going to color your hair try to stay away from any extra chemicals--like chemical straightens or perms. These chemicals combined with the hair color process are going to add extra stress on your hair.


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