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How To Moisturize Dry Hair: Header Image of Woman With Fine Hair and Argan Oil Shampoo

how to moisturize dry hair

The 101 on Dry Hair: How to Moisturize Dry Hair

Dry hair typically happens when one’s hair isn’t producing enough natural oils to moisturize their hair. For most of us this is genetic, but this can also be brought on by environmental stresses such as aging and things we do to harm our hair.

10 Tips to Moisturize Dry Hair

1. Choose a Shampoo that is Designed for Dry Hair

We personally recommend our Coconut Oil and Ylang Ylang Shampoo. This shampoo is infused with Natural Organic Coconut Oil and is made of a creamy consistency that helps to retain moisture.

2. Skip the Daily Shampooing

If your hair is dry its best to not shampoo every day. Take a day or so off in order to give your scalp a chance to replenish hair and its natural emollients. If during this time your scalp becomes too oily you can always try our Love Beauty and Planet Citrus Peel Uplifting Dry Shampoo

3. Avoid Extreme Weather Conditions

Avoid extreme weather conditions like too much sun or wind, which can lead to further dry and brittle hair. In order to moisturize your natural hair or give hydration to hair apply UV protection to your hair or wear a cute hat/scarf when you are out in the hot sun.

4. Waterproof your hair with a thick conditioner cream before taking a dip in the pool

Try our Love Beauty and Planet Argan Oil Leave in Conditioner before you take a dip in the pool or ocean.

5. Explore Non-Chemical Options for Straightening your hair

Prevent frizz and flyaways by looking into non-chemical agents to add moisture back into your hair. For example, you can try one of our many hair oils

6. Deep Condition Hair Overnight as a Daily Moisturizer

Apply a rich, conditioning mask or treatment oil like our Jojoba Hair Oil to your hair before turning in, cover it with a plastic shower cap and get your sleep.

7. Trim Your Hair Often and Don’t Brush Your Hair Too Often

The more you can keep those extra tresses in check the less likely they are to become dry and brittle. Frequent trims keep your hair beautiful and vivacious.

8. Lay off the excess hair color

Make sure if you are coloring your hair you are using a formula that is especially treated to soften mature and dry hair.

9. Avoid the roots when your moisturizing fine hair

Fine hair is usually the driest at its ends so focus your application of conditioner on those dry areas.

10. Layer your conditioners

If you have thick or coarse hair it’s very hard to overdo the conditioning, but our recommendation would be to apply a deep conditioning hair mask once a week.


How to Moisturize Dry Hair: Woman Combing Hair

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