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Lavender Oil For Hair: Header Image of Woman With Straight Hair and Love Beauty and Planet Argan Oil Hair Oil

Lavender Oil for Hair: Hair Growth and Other Uses

Benefits of Lavender Oil for Hair

What is Lavender Oil?

Luxurious lavender is a classic, flowery and fragrant ingredient used for centuries for a variety of purposes. Lavender oil is distilled from the lavender plant as a highly concentrated essential oil. Besides its unique soft and floral fragrant notes, lavender is also known for its healing properties on skin and is thought to clear acne and even help with headaches.

But lavender is also a gem for hair! Many people have caught on to the benefits of using lavender for hair, and there’s been a surge of lavender hair care products, not only because of its classic and calming fragrance, but also because it is known to help with strengthening hair.

Lavender oil for hair Infographic

How Does Lavender Improve Hair Health

Lavender oil for hair can improve overall hair health. Benefits of lavender for hair include:

1. Nourishment:

Lavender helps moisturize a dry scalp. The properties help bring your scalp back to balance.

2. Growth:

Lavender boosts the fight against hair loss and increases circulation to hair follicles. Its antibacterial properties are often thought to help promote cell growth.

3. Strength:

Lavender protects and improves hair. Brittle hair strands receive shine as well as softness.

4. Calm:

Not only does lavender smell wonderful but using it is a calming experience. It’s classic calming fragrance will take you to fragrant heaven!

At Love Beauty and Planet we love the classic fragrance of lavender oil, and we’ve infused it within several of our hair and skin products, like our sulfate-free smooth & serene shampoo and our smooth & serene conditioner. We grow our French lavender using the traditional préfané technique, and is hand cut and left to dry in the fields for a couple days to give it its soft, floral yet slightly fruity overtures. The oil is derived from a careful steam distillation process.

Lavendar Oil For Hair: Woman Laying Down in Lavender Field

How and When to Use Lavender Oil for Hair

There are many ways to use lavender hair care products:


Care for your locks with a calming lavender shampoo, like our sulfate-free smooth & serene shampoo. It gently cleanses and removes dirt while infusing your hair with the decadent scent of French lavender. Apply to wet hair and massage the lavender-infused formula slowly into a lather and rinse thoroughly.


Treat your hair with a lavender infused conditioner, like our smooth & serene conditioner. Apply to your wet locks and avoid the roots. Keep it on a little longer like a hair mask for extra nourishment and when your hair feels a little frizzy.


Lavender oil can be added when you need a hair serum, especially for split ends. You can also lay on a little more and keep your hair smelling lovely overnight.

Now that you’re aware of some of these benefits of lavender for hair, you can start to make lavender oil for hair an essential part of your hair care routine.

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