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Natural Hair Masks: Header Image of Woman with Natural Hair and Love Beauty and Planet Argan Oil Shampoo

Natural Hair Masks

Hair Mask 101

What are Hair Masks?

A hair mask is like a face mask, but for the hair. Hair masks help revitalize and moisturize your locks, and they are fun to experiment with! You can make your own with natural ingredients or purchase one that fits your needs. You can find hair masks for a wide variety of hair types and needs, like a hair mask for damaged hair or a hair mask for colored hair. The ingredients in hair masks are often known for their moisturizing benefits, so you’ll typically find brands with a coconut oil hair mask or a macadamia hair mask.

Natural Hair Masks: Woman With Curly Hair

10 Hair Mask Tips

Your hair mask routine can be simple yet at the same time, a game-changer. Before you apply a hair mask, take some time to figure out and finesse the routine with these steps below:

1. Understand your natural hair.

See and feel through what your hair needs. Where do you need an extra treatment? Is it the texture, the roots? Knowing your current status and needs will help you decide which kind of hair mask makes the most sense for your hair.  

2. Decide how often.

You don’t have to put on a hair mask every day in the same way you might not need to put on a sheet mask every day.

3. Pick great ingredients.

Choose a hair mask that is transparent with its ingredients. There are so many different hair masks out there, from a coconut oil hair mask to a 2-minute magic mask. Just ensure you are using hair masks with ingredients that are naturally derived or sustainably sourced!

4. Know whether or not you should wash or wet hair first.

Some masks you can put on dry hair. For at-home masks, you may want to wash hair to begin. Better than experiment, read the directions for readymade masks.

5. Follow an effective method of application.

Don’t just glop on or apply to one side. Add moisture evenly to get overall results. You might skip the roots or the scalp, but you can put on the mask in manageable sections.

6. Focus on key areas.

Dab more on areas that are drier or give more care by concentrating on the fragile ends. You might skip the roots or the scalp, but you can put on the mask in manageable sections.

7. Wait.

Be patient with your hair care as the damage you’re undoing is not automatically repairable. It’s all in the timing. Some masks are short, while for others, you may need to sleep with overnight.

8. Comb through.

This helps with the evenness of the mask and with the waiting period.

9. Rinse with cool water.

In general, you’ll want to gently wash out or even comb out your mask with the water running.

10. Assess the results, wet and dry.

Does your hair feel soft? Shiny? Weightless? Then repeat when necessary or switch ingredients/products!

Woman With Long Blonde Hair

Ingredients to Look for in Hair Masks

Not all hair masks are created equal and have the same effects. The ingredients in hair masks make a difference. For example, you could try out a DIY coconut oil hair mask for some shine. If you’re not making your own, there are some other rich, essential ingredients you’ll want to look out for on the back of your hair mask pack:

1. Oils and butters to help with ends and frizz.

Typically, these ingredients are coconut oil or shea butter, but other more unique options like murumuru butter also do the job of adding extra richness to your hair!

2. Argan oil to encourage softness.

Other ingredients derived from nuts are great for nourishing, like an almond oil hair mask. You’ll often this nut in a number of products to treat your hair, like out Love Beauty and Planet rose and almond natural oils infusion hair oil.

3. Vitamin-full honey for breakage.

Honey is known for its repairing properties and could help with hair masks designed for repairing hair damage.

4. Avocado for extra shine.

5. Coconut water for omega nutrients and enzymes.

Packed with vitamins and minerals, coconut water is known to help hydrate and strengthen hair.

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