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The Truth About Animal Testing: Header Image of Woman And Dog

animal testing - the truth

why animal testing for beauty is unnecessary

It's no secret that animal testing is the ugly side of beauty. Not only is animal testing cruel, it's also completely unnecessary. Why? Because modern alternatives to animal testing can be more reliable, accurate and cheaper. So, by choosing beauty products not tested on animals, you're winning all round. In our opinion, it's a no brainer.

The good news? The fight against cosmetic animal testing has come on leaps and bounds - particularly, since the 2013 law was passed to ban the sale of cosmetics tested on animals in Europe. But, sadly, animal testing is still happening. Animal-welfare leaders PETA warn us that millions of animals are suffering in the US alone, and it's our job to join the fight against it by supporting the alternatives. Alternatives, we might add, that Love Beauty and Planet are so proud to be using when we develop each and every exciting new product.

amazing alternatives to animal testing

vitro testing

Vitro testing - In Latin, "vitro" literally translates as "in a glass". Yep, you guessed it, vitro testing is an alternative to animal testing where the studies are done in a lab, on human cells and tissue, in a test tube. Pretty cool. Vitro studies are the way forward instead of animal testing not to mention completely without cruelty.

The Truth About Animal Testing: Image of Scientist

computer modeling

Computer modeling techniques, which are sometimes referred to as "silico models", cleverly use computer simulation to recreate human biology (and replace animal testing). These studies can accurately predict how the human body will react to different chemicals and formulas. They are widely used and, of course, require absoutely no animals.

human volunteers

From "micro-dosing" to "advanced brain imaging" human volunteers can be used as a smart, reliable alternative to animal testing. The tests are proven to be safe and can be accurately monitored and controlled. Phew!

The Truth About Animal Testing: Animal Paw

human patient simulators

Medical students now practice on life-like human patient simulators that are completely computerized. Neat, huh? These tests can be used for cosmetic and medical purposes and are great for obtaining a biological, full-body response that doesn't require real humans - and certainly no animals. No animal testing to see here.

With so many advanced alternatives to animal testing, it's more important than ever to seek out brands that are certified cruelty-free by PETA, just like us. Our advice would be to always do your research first, and look out for the PETA logo on your beauty products. Here at Love Beauty and Planet, we are 100% committed to bringing you beauty-full products that show a little kindness to the planet, and the animal kingdom, too. These small acts of love really can help make the planet a better place.

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