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Cruelty Free Beauty - Women and animals

cruelty-free beauty & cruelty-free haircare

What does it mean for beauty products to be PETA-certified cruelty free?

At Love Beauty and Planet, we’re all about showing the love. We adore beauty but believe it should never be at the expense of the world around us – and that includes kindness to animals too. We believe beauty products that are safe for humans can be developed using non-animal approaches. And so, from the very beginning Love Beauty and Planet has been committed to not testing on animals.

Great news, right? However, it's not only our view. Unilever made a long-term commitment over 30 years ago to developing non-animal approaches. It is Unilever's leadership globally, including promoting the acceptance of non-animal approaches by regulatory authorities, that has led to PETA recognizing Unilever as a 'company working for regulatory change'. Watch this space!

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Sounds great - but what does PETA certified cruelty free mean?

To be certain that a cosmetic product is PETA certified cruelty-free, please check PETA’s website where Love Beauty Planet is listed:

Our commitment applies to the whole brand, regardless of whether a PETA Cruelty Free logo is on the pack. The PETA Cruelty Free logo will begin to be seen on some of our packaging progressively to assure and inform our customers that Love Beauty and Planet does not, and will not, test on animals.

To earn the PETA certification, brands need to meet the PETA criteria. First and foremost, you need to show that none of your products are tested on animals and that your suppliers are not doing any animal testing on the materials they provide to you.

Even after you get the certification, it doesn't end there. Checks and assurances are ongoing. And that's fine by us.

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Does cruelty-free mean vegan?

The brilliant news is that Love Beauty and Planet products are also suitable for vegans.

So, if you want to feel great about looking good, keep an eye out for products endorsed as PETA certified cruelty free and vegan. 

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