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Vegan Beauty

vegan haircare and vegan beauty checklist

What is vegan?

Thinking of going vegan? You've come to the right place! Whether you want to be a full-time vegan or dabble with a more vegan lifestyle, our tips will help you live your best plant-based life.

Our beginner’s guide starts by giving you the low down on what being vegan means. Essentially, veganism is about switching out any products made from animal ingredients for plant-based or man-made alternatives instead.

Phasing out meat, fish, dairy, and eggs from your diet is an obvious place to start your vegan journey. But did you know veganism isn't just about the food you eat? The vegan movement also extends to animal-friendly fashion – that's clothes, shoes, and accessories made from alternatives to wool, silk, leather, and fur.

You should also pay attention to your beauty routine because some formulas contain animal-derivatives such as beeswax, keratin, gelatin, and lanolin. We know a lot about vegan beauty products because each of our products has been independently vegan certified by PETA. Interested to switch the vegan beauty side? Here's what you need to know...

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Vegan beauty products

What separates vegan beauty products (like ours) from regular skincare, haircare, and cosmetics? It’s all in the ingredients. To qualify as vegan certified, products need to be free from any trace of animal by-products such as beeswax, keratin, gelatin, lanolin (a waxy oil that comes from sheep’s wool) and glycerin (if it’s from an animal source instead of a plant one).

As lifelong animal lovers, being vegan-certified was always a no-brainer for us. Using plant-based alternatives in our vegan haircare and vegan skincare is one of the many small acts of love we believe in because it’s kinder to our furry friends – and the planet. Plus, let’s face it… you can’t beat their incredible scents and awesome beauty benefits, too.

Did you know, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (also known as PETA) is one of the biggest campaigners for vegan certification in the beauty industry? If your favorite go-to products meet PETA's standards, then you know they are free from animal by-products, as well as 100% cruelty-free. Win-win! That's why we're proud to be vegan certified by PETA on every one of our packs – from our vegan shampoos and conditioners to our body butters and bath products.

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Vegan haircare vs traditional haircare

Full disclosure: vegan beauty and vegan hair care products haven’t always had the best rep. But trust us – as the vegan movement has exploded, so have the options available in vegan certified beauty… especially when it comes to hair care.

What’s the difference? Traditional shampoo and conditioner formulas sometimes contain ingredients such as keratin, beeswax, or honey. Not at Love Beauty and Planet! Instead, our vegan haircare and vegan shampoos are infused with plant-based heroes. We choose plant actives like coconut oil to work in harmony with our other vegan-certified ingredients, so you get glorious healthy-looking hair with every wash, spray, or treatment.

Being certified vegan is a huge deal – but our vegan haircare goes even further to care for you and the planet. Take our vegan-shampoos – they're also sulfate, silicone, and paraben-free. Pretty neat, right? Plus, all of our bottles are made from 100% recyclable plastic. Proof that going vegan is as good for animals, as it is for you and the planet.

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