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Coconut milk for hair

Coconut Curls Shampoo & Products

We all love the delicious, sweet taste of natural Coconut Milk with our morning coffee, but did you know? It’s loved all around the world for the way it leaves dry, parched hair feeling cared-for, and dull skin sublimely soft and glowing. Oh, and did we mention? It smells heavenly, too!

coconut curls products

Coconut Milk for Hair Benefits

Not to be confused with Coconut Water, this gloriously-creamy milk comes from the kernel of the coconut and is used in ancient beauty rituals all over the world. Loved for its thirst-quenching, skin-soothing ways, it’s no wonder people have been indulging in natural Coconut Milk baths for centuries. Divine!

coconut curls products

Coconut Curls Products

A true beauty superfood, we couldn’t resist infusing our hair coconut curls products with Coconut Milk. Known as the (vegan) elixir of life for dehydrated locks in need of loving care, this miracle milk is cherished for its restoring and repairing properties, as well as leaving your hair soft, shiny and smelling utterly gorgeous.  All our coconut milk products are naturally derived and transform curly hair.