indian lilac and neem benefits

indian lilac and neem

Indian lilac tree

What is Neem and Indian Lilac

You can find this bountiful beauty growing tall and bright in tropical and semi-tropical areas like its native namesake, India. Indian lilac can also be found in the islands of southern Iran, as well as in Bangladesh and Nepal. A wonder-ingredient traditionally used in Ayurveda and homeopathy, everything from the roots, leaves, and seeds of the remarkable Indian Lilac tree are loved for their healing and harmonizing properties. It also goes by the name of Neem or Nimtree, and its seeds and fruits are often used to make Neem oil. The therapeutic and healing uses of Neem are cherished all around the world, and with good reason! Neem benefits range from providing purifying antioxidants to moisturizing goodness for many hair and skin needs.

Indian lilac flower

Blooming Indian Lilac

We just can’t get enough of Indian Lilac and its spectacular, fuchsia-bright flowers. Sweet and floral, these darling buds don’t just smell fabulous, they have been treasured in Indian herbal beauty traditions for thousands of years, and are believed to promote all types of benefits for your hair and skin. Neem for hair can be soothing, rebalancing, and conditioning… the beauty list goes on! A health and beauty secret that dates back thousands of years, experience the magical benefits of lilac right in your bathroom. With its full, pink bouquets, oil-rich seeds and vibrant leaves, this wonder-tree has been loved for all its moisturizing, regenerative and immune-boosting goodness for centuries. 

Indian lilac tree

Wonderful Neem Benefits

The benefits of lilac and neem for hair are countless. Neem benefits can do all the following for your hair: condition your scalp, promote healthy hair growth, temporarily seal hair follicles, soothe fizz, reduce dandruff, and treat head lice.  Some also claim additional uses of neem, like using neem oil to help prevent hair loss as it is very high in antioxidants. Transform dull hair with sensational mirror-like shine… Our formulas, infused with Indian Lilac, will brighten and condition lackluster hair, leaving it gleaming with a dazzling shine. With sleek and glossy locks, what’s not to love!