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Rosehip berries


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    Rosehip plant

    Kiss from a rose

    One of nature’s most precious finds, Rosehip can be seen growing in the Wild Rose bushes of South America, and only ripens once the Rose flower has bloomed and lost its petals. How magical! A stunning, crimson-red color and brimming with skin-loving Vitamins, Rosehip is a natural beauty, that’s also beautiful for you.

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    Rosehip berries

    Small, but mighty

    Don’t let the size of the berry-like Rosehip fool you. Inside these tiny jewels are nutrients so rich in vitamins, that they’ve been used by the Andean Indians of Chile for the many Rosehip Oil benefits, for generations. Our latest beauty secret, Rosehip oil is also high in antioxidants, and we heart the way it reinvigorates dull skin and hair with sparkling energy.

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    Rosehip oil

    From the wild, to you

    Gathered from the wild, the fruit of the Rose is pressed to extract the miracle Rosehip Oil, which we carefully infuse into our sumptuous Rosehip products. Skin-soothing, hair-rejuvenating and oh-so-dreamy, our body and hair care essentials will transform your beauty ritual with a loving dose of nature’s best-kept beauty secret.

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