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Love Beauty and Planet Earth Day 50th Anniversary Act

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Celebrating the Planet

with #smallactsoflove

We know that Earth Day may have felt a little different this year, but each year, it’s an important time to take a pause and give some love to our planet and the people on it. After all, it was the 50th anniversary of Earth Day!

To show our love this year, we partnered with Ellen DeGeneres – an authentic planet lover – to celebrate Earth Day with #smallactsoflove, because we believe that all small acts add up to make a big difference for our planet and the people on it, every day.

Illustration of the earth smiling

Giving Back

At Love Beauty and Planet, our planet and the people on it are at the heart of everything we do – that’s why Earth Day is so important to us. On this special day, we donated $25,000 and 2,500 care packaged filled with personal and home care products to Feeding America for those in need.  Learn more about our smalls acts of love for both the planet and the people on it.

some of our goals for a better future

reducing waste


Not only do our bottles carry beautiful formulas, but they’re also made from 100% recycled materials! This year, we’re working toward more sustainable packaging to reduce waste even more by committing to using at least 50% recycled plastic in our pumps & caps. You can help by making sure to use your home recycling bin for shampoo, conditioner & body wash bottles after you’ve enjoyed every drop!

Love Beauty and Planet Packaging Up-cycled as Planters

counting our footprints with honesty

We'll always be transparent and open about our carbon footprint, and because we know how important it is to keep our planet beautiful, we self-impose a “tax” on the carbon we create while making our products. This tax goes into a fund that supports programs that help reduce carbon emissions and landfill waste. Our goal this year is to reduce our carbon footprint by 20%!

Love Beauty and Planet Reusable Totes with products
Image of a Pink Flower

sourcing ingredients responsibly

We work with our fragrance partner to harvest ingredients like lavender, ylang ylang and vetiver from certified sustainable sources. Not only do they make our products smell delightful, but they give a little love back to our planet, too. This year, we’re working to ensure that everything we use in our products is naturally derived and from certified sustainable sources!

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