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our journey to sustainability

our approach to sustainability

our journey to a cleaner, greener, more beautiful planet

At Love Beauty and Planet we operate with sustainability at our core. Working to further reduce our environmental impact is a labor of love, and we’re inspired by the challenge to make our planet a little more beautiful.

Our journey of improvement is ongoing, and we promise to be open and honest about the challenges we face. In this first report, we’ll take you on that journey, showing you how we’ve thought carefully about our consumer, our business, and our planet; sharing goals and successes along the way across four main categories: our packaging, our product formulations, our carbon footprint and our partnerships.

One quick note: Palm oil and palm kernel oil derivatives are important ingredients, predominantly used for surfactants (cleaning agents) in shampoos and body washes. We recognize that there is still work to be done to improve our supply chain of palm oil or palm kernel oil derivatives. Our goal is to move towards using Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil certified sources or palm oil alternatives for some of our surfactant ingredients.

some of our proud accomplishments


We’re so proud to share our approach to sustainability, a report that outlines our achievements and progress towards our goals. Click the download button below to read

Love Beauty and Planet Sustainability Report Stats

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