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Love Beauty and Planet Founders
Love Beauty and Planet Founders
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powerful & passionate

All of our bottles are filled with fabulous formulas made with ingredients that can deliver brilliant care to your hair and body. Plus, we use 100% recycled plastic to make our in-shower bottles (our caps, they're next), so there’s reduced waste when you’re done—just don't forget to recycle them.

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love for you & the planet

We believe in giving a little love to the planet. That’s why we use only natural coconut oil in our rich conditioners, known for deeper conditioning, moisturizing, detangling, and protective properties. Learn more about our Coconut Oil here.

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goodies & goodness

We put a little goodness in all of our gorgeous products. Each of our collections is infused with ingredients sourced from places all over the world. Plus, our sourcing partners help promote fair wage jobs and ethical sourcing for our essential oils and absolutes.

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scents & sensibility

Our carefully chosen fragrance partner, Givaudan, aims to bolster the livelihoods of the local partners who harvest the flowers and herbs for our pampering perfumes, which are each made with one ethically-sourced essential oil or extract from around the world.

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carbon conscious & caring

We want a carbon footprint so small, it's like we weren’t even here. But any business is going to make some sort of footprint. So, until we find a way to leave no footprint, we’ll quantify our CO2 emissions along every step of production and tax ourselves for going over our goals. That money will support third-party programs that help reduce landfill waste and overall carbon emissions.

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